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Must Have Off Road Vehicle Upgrades

Off Road Vehicles with Upgrades to their bumpers, tires, lift kits.
Your Off Road Vehicle Upgrades Depend on What Style of Driving You Will Do Most.

A common question, regardless of whether you bought a robust Jeep Rubicon, or a stout stock Sport S, or a trusty Toyota Tacoma is what next? What are the must-have off road vehicle upgrades? Be prepared for very different answers. It largely depends on where you want to go, your style of driving and your experience level, your tolerance for risk of damage, the vehicle you are starting with, and finally, the B WORD your budget.


If you are ready to go beyond minimum maintenance roads and ready for some more challenging terrain, or if you are headed out west to explore the deserts of Utah and Arizona. Here are what we consider the Must Have Off Road Vehicle Upgrades:

Lift/Tires/Wheels: We've heard 40's are the new 37's. But seriously, having your heart set on tires that are too big for your rig can lead to a whole other discussion. We cannot recommend to you enough that you discuss your vehicle and adventure goals with our team to help you make the right choice for you. A lot of unintentionally expensive decisions and mistakes happen at the tire choosing stage. Bigger is not always better. At the end of the day, the goal is to make sure you have enough ground clearance for adequate approach and departure angles to protect your frame, shock mounts, diff covers, etc.

Body Armor: We recommend robust steel bumpers to be sturdy enough in the need for recovery, rock sliders to protect your frame, and depending on the terrain you plan on tackling-skid plates for steering box, control arms, gas tank and oil pan, transmission and transfer case, even differential covers. You can even get body armor for rear corners, rocker panels, etc.

Winch: A properly sized winch mounted to your front bumper is useful for self-recovery and recovery of others. It can also help with climbing steeps, in the event you don't have lockers, or you just need a little assistance if you get in a sticky situation.

On-Board Air Compressor:  On board air systems are permanently installed in the vehicle for use with multiple applications. These applications include tire inflation, air tools, air lockers, load leveling, air horns, and air suspension. For a multi-day off road trip, having on-board air is faster and more convenient than a portable compressor. Plus you can blow out your air filters after a long dusty day on the trail.

Dual Battery: Auxiliary lights, refrigerators, compressors, and all of your aftermarket accessories all draw power. A Genesis dual battery system can keep your systems running and offer redundancy for fail-safe starts on the trail. This system will allow you to enjoy your aftermarket electrical accessories without worrying about draining down your cranking battery. Even if your cranking battery gets too low to start the engine, simply press a button to jump start from your second battery.

Lights: We all know some of the stock lights on Jeeps are notoriously dim. Choosing lighting can be confusing with all of the options out there, not to mention laws in various states about what you can and can't run on the road. We can help design a lighting package that can illuminate the road safely, as well as provide accessory lighting and switch panels for rock or ditch lights, cargo area lighting, chase lights, etc.

A graphic of off road vehicle upgrades

The list and variety of upgrades and customizations is endless. The items on this list can get you to a lot of places with some driver know how and a sense of adventure and a devil may care attitude about a little extra pinstripe or scratch in the paint. After the shock of the first scratch wears off, you will start to look at them as memories of a trail less traveled.

Ready to share your adventure vehicle visions with us? We can help you plan your off road vehicle upgrades and get you on the road to adventure!

CLICK HERE to learn about how we can bring your vision to life!


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